Life-Changing Magic River of Money - Part 2 Book Sample (Post #1 of 3)

Ryan Petty

FREE eBook samples are limited

I appreciate the fact that online book distributors provide FREE samples of the eBooks they sell, but it’s always bothered me that the samples provided are always the first 10% of the book. 

eBook sampling is built inflexibly into the book distributor’s software

Often what I want as a reader is to sample the back half of the book where the plot can be thicker or the information more valuable or to the point. 

So, here’s the first of three samples from Part 2. (Realize that you can tell a lot about a nonfiction book of potentially valuable information by studying its table of contents:)

Part 2: The Life-Changing Magic River of Money

Introduction: Float Your Way Downstream to Financial Freedom
Chapter 8: Make Money by Disposing of Your Clutter
Chapter: 9: Save Money by Not Buying Things You Do Not Need Unless They Spark Joy in Your Life
Chapter 10: Make or Save Money by Re-Thinking the Uses You Make of Your Home
Chapter 11: Save Money on the Costs of Home Occupancy
Chapter 12: Save Money if You Move
Chapter 13: Save Money by Re-Thinking Your Location and Transportation Needs
Chapter 14: Save Money by Preparing to Age-in-Place—You and/or a Loved One
Chapter 15: Save Money by Avoiding or Terminating Self-Storage Contract(s)
Chapter 16: Make Money by Fully Funding Your Retirement Using Funds Derived from Decluttering
Chapter 17: Financial Freedom—High Stakes Indeed

Frequently Asked Questions
Appendix: Brief Buyer’s Guide to Further Reading for Part 2: The Life-Changing Magic River of Money

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