New Personal Finance eBook - THE MAGIC RIVER OF MONEY - Published Today

Ryan Petty

Whatever may be said of the new MAGIC RIVER OF MONEY book... it’s at least a fresh take - a new and unique approach...

to a very old subject. It’s a book based on a sudden insight... that shows how individuals and families (who lack wealth and have average educations and jobs) can get ahead financially.

It’s about how they can come out safe and secure, rising steadily into the upper middle class - even now, even in these times....

And do this while maintaining control over the step-by-step process.

Not total control  - but self-activated and with no gatekeeper in position to arbitrarily say, “No."

Not that the doing-of-it is quick or easy.

Not that your success is assured.

Not that you won’t struggle to stay the course, but...

You will have a game plan and, if you read this book...  

you will know what it means to struggle AND win.


In less than a minute you can download a FREE 10% sample of the new MAGIC RIVER OF MONEY ebook... 

or buy a copy for 99-cents from Amazon. Or email me (address below) by 8/31/2015, and I’ll send you a free review copy (in the form of a PDF).

Amazon estimates the MAGIC RIVER OF MONEY at 112 pages.

I will probably leave its 99-cent price alone through the end of August, then reassess and let price seek its natural level.

In the meantime, I’m here if you have questions or comments.

Or email: RyanPettywrites at GMail dot com.

:o )

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