Welcome to the Magic River of Money (www.MagicRiverofMoney.com)

Ryan Petty

This is the web companion to The Magic River of Money - 

A book and the set of ideas it represents....

The book is, of course: The Life-Changing MAGIC RIVER OF MONEY that Flows from Tidying Up.

The books subtitle is: Make & Save Money Across a Lifetime with Common Sense Decisions to Declutter, Simplify, and Organize Your Life

Like the book, the Magic River of Money web site exists to share ideas of consequence....

Both link the idea of decluttering your home for the “good life simplified...” to achieving personal finance success in big and surprising ways... for working and middle class individuals and families. 

The book and this web site are at once obvious... and revelatory... simple and startling... like an explorer discovering an island, only to find it attached to a secret continent of wonder.

Enjoy your stay! Plan to come back!

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