Thanks for the Good Wishes

In the wake of Mom passing at age 94, I want to thank those of you who responded with sympathy and prayer.

Mom’s career was on the administrative side of public education and several years of her retirement were spent as a literacy volunteer and public library docent.

She had a good, long life and we were lucky to have her with us these many years.

Though Mom wasn’t a writer, per se, she left 3 volumes of memoirs, the results of her 2 sons working with her on personal and family history projects.

Perhaps more on those, another time.*

:o )

*In one of her memoirs, there’s a chapter on “Thrift in the 1950’s,” that might be of interest to Magic River of Money readers. It’s about the financial methods she and Dad used to steer their little family through the rocky shoals of meager times. 

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